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Cold Shrink Terminals

Brand : YITENG

Product origin : made in China

Delivery time : 7-15 days

Supply capacity : 1000000pieces

 Cold Shrink Termination Kit/Cable Accessory/Termination Kit

Cable Terminal,Termination Kit,Heat Shrink Termination Kit commonly known as heat  shrinkable cable head, widely used for 35kv and below voltage class XLPE cable or oil-immersed cable terminal. Compared with the traditional cable accessories,it have advantages of:Small size, light weight, safe, reliable, easy to install. Products meet GB11033 standard, long-term use temperature range of -55 ° C ~ 105 °C, the aging life of up to 20 years, Radial quartile shrinkage rate ≥ 50% , Longitudinal shrinkage rate<5%.Contraction temperature:110°C~140°C.

Features And Benefits

1) Kits for indoor and outdoor applications for a wide range of conductor cross sections are available

2) Termination kits consists of breakouts and medium wall heat shrinkable tubing

3) Joint kits include varieties sizes of medium wall tubing.


Type and specification

NameItem No.suit cable' sectional area(mm)NameItem No.suit cable' sectional area(mm)
12/20KV 3-cores Cold Shrinkable Indoor Termination KitsVLN-20/3.135-7012/20KV Single cores Cold Shrinkable Indoor Termination KitsVLN-20/1.135-70
12/20KV 3-cores Cold Shrinkable Outdoor Termination KitsVLW-20/3.135-7012/20KV Single cores Cold Shrinkable Outdoor Termination KitsVLW-20/1.135-70
12/20KV 3-cores Cold Shrinkable JointVLJ-20/3.135-7012/20KV Single cores Cold Shrinkable JointVLJ-20/1.135-70

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