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Constant Wattage Heat Tracing Cable

Brand : Yiteng Brand

Product origin : Hebei China

Delivery time : 15 days after initial payment

Supply capacity : 10000 meters per week

constant wattage heat tracing cable , 18w, 35w, 45w, 50w,65w for roof defrost ,snow melting deiceing, pipe heat trace,

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Constant Wattage Heat Tracing Cable

 also called parallel type heat tracing tape as parallel connection of multi heating junctions in the whole body 

can be classified into single phase and three phase heating cable 


Heating cable is also referred to as heat trace cable amongst the industry

 Yiteng Heating Tapes are more flexible and can provide a much more rapid thermal response.

The products provides the most versatility in heat trace design and applications.


Product Highlights

constant-wattage heating cable

Ideal for long runs on pipes and vessels

Can be cut-to-length at job site

Temperatures up to 500oF (260 °C )

Ultra thin 

Meets NEC 427-23 and IEEE Std 515-2004



Freeze protection

Viscosity control

Low to high temperature  maintenance

Ordinary locations

Hazardous locations

Heat Tracing Applications

Temperature Raise

Tank Heating

Roof & gutter  de-icing and driveway snow melting

Hot water systems

 constant Wattage structures 

buss wires consists of two parallel insulation copper wires with heating wires winded to inner isulation layer,heating wires are connected to buss wires every certain distance which forms continuous parallel resistancesn, after power added on buss wires , all parallel resistances will heat and form a continuous heating tape. 

Pipe Heat Trace self-regulating heating cables



rated power (W/M )max service length (m)Max fluid temperature(deg celsius)Color of jacket 



constant wattage heating cable other types

single conductor and double conductor for floor and green house heating 

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Carbon fibre heating cable 18Wattage per meter 24K for floor heating 

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Constant-Wattage: Provides precise and constant temperatures up to 500 oF (260 °C ).  Ideal for a wide range of applications.


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Freeze Protection

Freeze protection cable provides freeze protection for metal or plastic pipes, roof and gutter de-icing, and snow melting for commercial and residential applications. Freeze protection products can be controlled using a variety of thermostats, controllers, sensors, and control panels.


pipe-freeze-protection Pipe Heat Trace self-regulating heating cables for pipe heat tracing are installed on metal and plastic pipes to prevent them from freezing. Theself-regulating cable technology automatically adjusts the heat output of the cable based on the pipe temperature to optimize energy consumption.


roof-gutter-de-icing Roof & Gutter De-Icing Ice dams and icicles can cause extensive and costly damage to roof and gutter systems.  Heat Trace Cables for roof & gutter de-icing are installed on roofs and placed inside gutters and downspouts to create and maintain drain paths for water. The self-egulating cable technology automatically adjusts the heat output of the cable based on the surrounding temperature to reduce energy consumption.


Snow Melting  Snow Melt Products are ideal for electric snow melting applications in concrete, asphalt or under paving stones.


Floor heating for houses and builngs


Parameters and Models

Output wattage at 10 °C: 8W/M 10W/M, 12W/M, 14W/M, 18W/M, 20W/M, 25W/M,30W/M 35W/M,40W/M

Max maintain temperatue: 65°C

Max exposure temperature: 85°C

Estimated Critical Temperature : 135°C

work voltage: 12/24/36/110/220/380 V

Approvels: CE;ISO9001, Gost, UL, cUL, ASTM, ROHS, SGS,

Constan wattage and self regulating heating cable packing 


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