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Heat Resistance Cable


Product origin : Made In China

Delivery time : Within 7-15 days after the payment

Supply capacity : 1000000 Meters / Month

Silicone Rubber Tinned Copper Heat Resistant Electrical Cable Wire

Brief Introduction

Flexible Silicon Rubber Insulation and Sheath Cable  takes advantages of extruded tubing technique which improves many properties of our product, such as reliability, water proof property, resistance to acid, alkali, aging, radiance, corrosive gas as well as low temperature, etc. Meanwhile, it also offers stable performance under high temperature, and it is widely applied for harsh environment.


Technical Parameters
1. Rated voltage U0/U: 0.6/1kV
2. Max. working temperature: 180℃ 
3. Min. ambient temperature for working: -60℃ for fixed laying
4. Min. ambient temperature for laying: -25℃
5. Min. bending radius: 10 times of the overall diameter

silicone rubber cable.jpg

Model Explanation

YGCSilicone rubber insulated and sheathed power cable
YGCRSilicone rubber insulated and sheathed flexible power cable for movable applications
YGCPSilicone rubber insulated and sheathed copper braid shielded power cable
YGG2GSilicone rubber insulated and sheathed power cable with steel tape armor
JGGSilicone rubber insulated and sheathed installation wire
JGGRMovable silicone rubber insulated and sheathed soft installation wire
JGGPSilicone rubber insulated and sheathed, copper braid shielded installation wire
Code Explanation
YSeries code (movable soft cable)
GSilicon rubber
CHeavy type
2Steel tape armor
PCopper braid shield

Multi-strand conductor

Heat Resistant Electric Power Cable with Teflon | PTFE | FEP | PFA | Fluoroplastic Insulation


Heat Resistant Teflon PFA / PTFE / ETFE / FEP Insulated Copper Wire is used as inner fixed wires for home appliance, headlamp, mechanical and electrical machines, etc. This product provides excellent resistance to heat, gasoline, oil, moisture and acids.


Product Description

1) Sectional area: 36~4/0 AWG

2) Conductor: stranded/solid tinned copper

3) Insulation: FEP, PTFE, TEF, PFA

4) Working temperature: -100~250°c

5) Rated voltage: 300V, 600V

ptfe heat resistance cable.jpg

Technical Particulars

UL styleConductorInsulationRated voltageWorking temperature
Size (AWG)MaterialV°c
118032~10Tinned copperPTFE300-100~+200
119930~4Tinned copperPTFE600-100~+200
121336~16Tinned copperPTFE300-100~+105
133030~4Tinned copperFEP600-100~+200
133130~4Tinned copperFEP600-100~+150
133230~10Tinned copperFEP300-100~+200
133330~10Tinned copperFEP300-100~+150
137130~10Tinned copperTFE / FEP300-100~+105
157732~16Tinned copperFEP / PTFE300-100~+200
165930~10Tinned copperPTFE600-100~+250
172632~4/0Tinned copperPFA300-100~+250
172732~4/0Tinned copperPFA600-100~+250
181530~10Tinned copperPFA300-100~+250
190132~4/0Tinned copperFEP600-100~+200
1008630~10Tinned copperETFE600-100~+250
1010930~10Tinned copperETFE300-100~+200
1036230~4/0Tinned copperPFA600-100~+250
1039330~10Tinned copperPTFE600-100~+250


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