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Low Temperature Heat Tracing Cable

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low temperature heat tracing cable 

type 1 constant wattage single phase or three phases 

wattages from 10w/ 15W /18W /30W / 65W per meter 

constant wattage parallel type heat tracing cable 

RDP2 -J3 -45W  single phased 45 wattage per meter

RDP3 -J3- 45W  three phased 45 wattage per meter

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Working principle for parallel constant wattage heat tracing cable 

type 2 self regualting heat tracing cable 

working temperature  65deg celcius 

max temperature 75 deg celcius 

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1. tinned copper 2.extruded heating element 3. inner insualtion 4. braided shield.5. outer sheath 


temperature eveness,. not overheat, safety and reliability

can be cut or spread within certain length at random 

multiple overlapping allowed 

Output power can be auto regulated along with heated system

No pollution  energy saving and easy installation

suitable for anti freezing of instrument box

suitable for complex pipeline heat tracing 

Self regulating heating cable working principle 

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