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Medium Temperature Heat Tracing Cable

Brand : Yiteng Brand

Product origin : shijiazhuang hebei, China

Delivery time : 15 days after initial payment

Supply capacity : 10000 meters per week

Medium Temperature Heat Tracing Cable

Maintain temperature max 105 deg celcius

constant wattage heating cable 

single phase or three phase   v 220V AC 

10 w/ 18W /30W /35W /50W/ 65W per meter

type name 

RDP2-J3-20  single phased constant wattage heating cable  20W/M

RDP2--J3-30 three phased constant wattage heating cable 30W/M 

self regulating heating cable  105 deg c 

45W /50W/ 65W per meter @ 20 deg celcius

type name: 

ZXW-J-45-220  basic type 45wattage 220V 

ZXW-PZ-45-220  PZ means , protection

ZXW-J-P/F-45-220  means 

be appliable to piplines for civil solar heater tape, geothermal  heating , petroleum, chemical, steel, and electric power in industrial enterprises, as well as warming , anti-condensation and anti- freezing of storage tanks. The cable is suitable for general area, hazardous area and corrosive area. 


1. temperature eveness

2. Energy saving 

3. Temperature comes up quickly during discontinous operation

4. low coat in installation and running 

5.Easy installation and maintenance

6. Convenient for automated management 

7. no envirenmental pollution 

8. Suitable for complex pipeline heat tracing 

9. Suitable for pipeline heat tracing of remote device 

structures see below

heating cable副本6a副本.jpg


Packing and Shipping 

heating cable副本.jpg

heating cable副本2bv.jpg

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