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other instrumentation control cables

Brand : yiteng brand

Product origin : Hebei China

Delivery time : 15 days after initial payment

Supply capacity : 10000 meters per week

steel tape or steel wire armored instrument control cable

instrument control cable picture details

control cable cvbngf .jpg
control cable cxvbnhytr .jpg

FTP cable副本113.jpg

FTP cable副本qwe.jpg


PVC insulation and PVC sheath FRLS

Copper solid conductor or stranded conductor

Untwisted paired cable, core number 1 -200

Voltage 450V-750V5. 

Al mylar or copper tape screened individual and or overall screened optional instrument signal control cable

tinned copper drain wire

steel wire or steel tape armored

OEM and ODM available 

Packing details 


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