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HALAR cathodic protection cable from Performance Wire and Cable is made of a fluoropolymer insulation that exhibits superior chemical resistance. Made with dual insulation, HALAR wire can be used in any situation where chlorine and hydrogen gases are present. Our HALAR cable is made with a primary layer, which is most resistant to chlorine, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid – ensuring great protection and resistance. Following the primary layer is a high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) insulation, which provides pliable strength and allows considerable abuse during installation. The HMWPE jacketing provides mechanical protection as well. HALAR cathodic protection cable is available in sizes 6mm2-240mm2 .

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A direct burial DC cable for use in cathodic protection applications such as anode lead wires, header cables, structure connections, test leads and more.  The product can also be used for submerged installations in water tanks, offshore structures and other similar applications.


The polyethylene insulation is durable, abrasion resistant and flexible but has temperature and chemical limitations.This cable insulation color is usually black (standard). However, other custom colors are available depending the quantity purchased.


Surface wiring & buried if protected by clean sand. Suitable for use as anode cable tails, positive feed cable,negative return cable and test cable.

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