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Welding Cable Basics

Welding Cable Basics

Welding cable is also known as portable power supply cable. It can be used in a number of different applications. Welding cable is approved to handle 600 volts of electricity at a time. These cables have an insulation around them that is heavy duty and can withstand some very tough environments. They are tough cables that can withstand the continuous impact of being in a shop or garage.

Welding cable can vary slightly in its characteristics depending on what kind of welding cable you are looking to purchase. Welding cable is typically made with flexible copper strands. It usually also will have a flexible rubber insulation. Other kinds of welding cable have stiff copper strands, or flexible tinned copper strands. This kind of cable is always a one conductor cable. The insulation on the welding cables is not the same as the typical electrical wire. While electrical wires are generally made with a PVC insulation, welding cables are made with a neoprene rubber insulation for added flexibility and protection.
These cables can be used as secondary voltage resistance welding leads. They can also be used for power supply applications. These applications however cannot exceed 600 volts of electricity. These cables are available in sizes between 6AWG and 500 MCM. They also can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 90°C. The welding cables are not only abrasion resistant, but the jackets have good color retention so they won’t fade.

The flexible rubber insulation on the wire is great for garage or shop applications. This kind of insulation is more rugged and it can handle more impact from day to day work. If your application requires more power than 600 volts you might want to check out a DLO cable which can handle up to 2000 volts of electricity at a time. Also if you need a wire with a higher temperature rating than 90°C we suggest looking at stage lighting cable which can withstand temperatures as high as 105°C.

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